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Welcome to Grupo Lana S.A. !

About Us

Grupo Lana was founded in 2014 to offer quality foods to the local market in desperate need of company to represent local cuisine. Our company integrates various small and micro business, applying our high standard levels and rigorous polices in order to be a global quality food product to various markets.

Thanks to the knowledge we have acquired in the market, we have come to understand the growing need of on-line presence and marketing in order for any company to succeed in an increasingly integrated global economy. With this in mind, on 2017 Grupo Lana expanded its services to give new up-and-coming companies a competitive edge in the digital world. Simplifying the process for start up companies and offering our knowledge in the industry to help our clients grow on-line. We offer our clients the tools required to build their personal on-line presence and the tools need to compete on a global scale.

What sets us apart

We understand the needs of our clients. Grupo Lana started as a client, we understand the need to build an on-line presence and the difficulty that comes with making your vision into a reality. We have taken all our hard earned experience working with other companies and transformed ourselves into a hosting company capable of working with our clients to help both succeed and grow.

5000Happy clients
200dedicated staff
20awards won